How does this program work?

The Will, The Way, The Walk Break

Albany Run Walk is a marathon or half-marathon training group.  We use and interval training method. Every runner, no matter what their ability, can begin to train for a 13.1 or 26.2 miles by taking regular, frequent walk breaks. The frequency of the walk breaks, and the pace of running, will be calibrated to your current running level. Even elite runners benefit from this program.

You will be paired with a Pace Group Leader (PGL) and other group members of similar running pace. Paces range from 8-minute miles to 16-minute miles.  Each group will run differing amounts of time, but ALL groups will walk for 30 seconds after each running interval.

The First Few Weeks

The first few weeks, you run according to your training schedule during the week. Then, each Saturday morning, you meet with your group for your weekly fun run. We meet at different locations each week, form our groups, and off we go. The weekly long runs increase and taper throughout the training season. Paces are chosen based on weather and each groups fitness

Also, any adjustments to you pace group will be made during these first few weeks. If your initial assigned group pace is too difficult, we will adjust by moving you to the next easier group. If you find yourself pulling ahead of your group, we will move you to the next most difficult group to match your abilities. The “Power Of The Group” allows us to match you with a group and a PGL that closely matches your running ability and needs.

After 2-3 weeks, most runners have settled into their groups and are moving towards longer distances in their weekly runs.

Going Long

As the distance of your long runs increases, the frequency of them decreases. Between 12 and 18 miles, you take your long run every other week. As the runs move over 18 miles, your long runs are every third week. Throughout, you continue to run as scheduled during the week, building your ability to go 26.2 miles.

The Big Day

Finally, Race Day arrives! You’ve trained up to the distance, now you are ready to go. You meet with your pace group and go to the starting line as a team. As in training, you take your walk breaks, recovering in small increments, allowing you to complete the marathon!

Other Events

Throughout the program, we provide educational events to assist in your training.  Also, we have social events to build group cohesion, and many groups hold individual social events as they desire.

You can do this!  More questions? Check out the FAQs.