Run with us! We dare you.

What is Albany Run Walk?

ARW is a marathon and half marathon training program that uses the Jeff Galloway method of interval running.  Our target race is the Snickers Marathon (nee Albany Marathon) on March 2, 2019.  You can train with us and go from being a beginner runner to marathoner!

What is the Jeff Galloway method of training?

Galloway uses interval training to prepare you for running long distances.  Every runner, no matter their ability, can begin to train for endurance by taking regular, frequent walk breaks.  Depending on your endurance level, you will run a set amount of time followed by a 30-second walk break, then repeat this interval until you have covered the distance set on the training schedule.  Training this way allows you to prepare your body and mind to cover the distance of a marathon safely.  Training with ARW makes it FUN!

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Membership benefits?

Jeff Galloway training shirt, Galloway’s Marathon Training eBook, weekly info e-mails, discounts to some races, member discount at Wild Side Running, group support and access to many years of experienced running and training info.